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Mary Lynne Dittmar, Ph.D., is President and CEO of Dittmar Associates, Inc., an engineering and consulting firm in Houston, Texas.   Previously, she managed International Space Station Mission Operations and Spaceflight Training for the Boeing Company, and later served as Boeing’s Chief Scientist and Senior Manager for their Commercial Space Program. 

Mary Lynne is a strategic advisor to C-suite executives and Senior Executive Service leaders in government, industry, and industry associations, specializing in aerospace and hi-tech sectors. She helps executives ensure that strategic planning, business development and mission execution remain stable and forward-looking in the midst of change. Mary Lynne also provides insight into legislative, regulatory and policy processes at the regional and national level, and helps executives set direction for engagement with customers, influencers, stakeholders, and the public.

Currently, Mary Lynne is serving as Executive Advisor to the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), the non-profit organization selected by NASA to manage the Interational Space Space Station National Laboratory. She is also a member of the Committee on Human Spaceflight at the National Research Council/National Academies of Science. In accordance with Section 204 of the NASA Authorization Act 2010, the CHS is engaged in review of the long-term goals, core capabilities, and direction of the U.S. human spaceflight program, and has been asked to make recommendations to enable a sustainable U.S. human spaceflight program. More about the CHS may be found here.

In her spare time, she loves hanging out with her four stepchildren and two grandchildren, sings professionally, loves to write, and engages in the unusual hobby of “volcano-chasing” – hiking and photographing volcanoes in various stages of eruption. You can contact Mary Lynne as follows:

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